Friday, January 29, 2010

What the F+W is going on here?

Coming home in the night and gathering up the mail at the door, I noticed a big envelope with the return address of F+W Publications, the publishers of two of my favorite magazines I subscribe to, Artist Magazine and Watercolor Artist Magazine. They publish many other magazines, and are the parent company of North Light Books for artists. I also have recently entered several of their contests. I was kind of excited - did I win something? When I got inside, I realized that the mail was addressed to "Fred Dingler", but at my address. I am certain Fred doesn't live at my house.

Inside was a lovely letter from the editor of Watercolor Artist Magazine, Kelly Kane, reading in part:

"Dear Fred,

One of my most enjoyable tasks as editor of Watercolor Artist is passing along good news to artists. As you have already been informed, your entry, Sun Dreamer, has been awarded Honorable Mention in the Watermedia Showcase sponsored by Watercolor Artist. Enclosed is your Certificate of Achievement to honor your accomplishment."

There was a certificate. With Fred Dingler's name on it. But Sun Dreamer is my painting. Was I supposed to be featured in February's Watercolor Artist? Because it is not my painting in there, but Fred Dingler's painting Apalachicola. When I received the magazine, I was a little PO'd anyhow. Tthe article mentions that over 600 entries were received. At $15 per entry (the fee), that netted F+W Publications a tidy $9000+. Couldn't they have selected more than the 8 artists they did - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 4 Honorable Mentions?

I received an award from them in 2007 when the magazine was called Watercolor Magic. There were 22 winners. I was thrilled and it is still one of my proudest accomplishments. So I sent Kelly Kane a letter asking her to explain, maybe she'll respond. I hope she does. Maybe I get an award, maybe I don't, but Fred Dingler should get his certificate, anyhow.

David and I have a word we invented: "Scaltreatment". We use it whenever we feel that we have gotten the shaft, the old poopy end of the stick. David followed me around after I shared this with him exclaiming, "You received the ULTIMATE Scaltreatment!" Yup, I have again received the Scaltreatment, and in the name of Scaltretos everywhere, I think that just stinks.

Above is my painting, Sun Dreamer. Poor little Miss Kes got the Scaltreatment, too.

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