Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coming Soon - Watercolorwhirled, the Experience!

Exactly one week ago I was in the course of filming my first episode of my soon to be cable television show, Watercolorwhirled! I think I am at that point in my life when I just think, why the hell not? Why not me on TV telling you how to watercolor paint? I love to teach, have a lot to share, enjoy painting and talking about it, all the tools, techniques and such that get me jazzed up. I started with a still life - how to set one up and photograph it, how to get it on your paper, and finished with how to paint it. Above is the painting, Still Life with Pears and Books. If you want to know how to do that, I am the girl to show you how!

I am working on setting up a companion web-site that will have episode guides for download. I hope to have links to places where you can download stuff that will make me some money, too - like buy my art here, note cards, coffee cup, tee-shirt. Maybe sign up for my classes. I think big, too, like how about me on Create TV? How about buying Dawn Evans Scaltreto Watercolorwhirled supplies at your local art store, why not take a Mediterranean "how to paint" cruise with me?

Watercolorwhirled, the Ride
will be a flume that features flowing waterfalls in bright primary colors, which blend into dazzling secondarys as they hit the pool, an exciting salt effects laser light show and culminate in a steep, stomach churning drop and spash that gets everyone soaked and covered with shimmering color. You exit the ride through the token gift shop where you can purchase all sorts of baubles. DES Signature brush quivers and aprons, cute little bottles of kosher salt, framed, hand signed and numbered limited edition giclée prints, a playset for little boys and girls of my studio complete with a colorful cow. Of course, Watercolorwhirled, the Tee Shirt will be available in every size and color so you have something dry to change into. I know you're laughing now! Poor Bob Ross has been dead since 1995, yet his shows are still in syndication, his books and art supplies sold at every art store all over the world, making millions. You may have thought he was smoking some of those happy little trees, and maybe his style of painting is not my cup of tea, but he has inspired people to paint, made them believe that they could paint, too. That's all I want to do, and if I can make a little money at it, prosperity will be a welcome thing. I'll hang out for a while at that fun little theme park in my head, riding Watercolorwhirled, the Ride again and again.

I have another wild dream, one I have had for many years. My brother, Guy, is awesome. Like all my siblings, he is older than me, and actually he named me. I was supposed to be "Don" but poor Guy didn't end up with the little brother he hoped for. Anyhow, he was a Wellesley firefighter and just retired a few years ago. I have wanted to create a "Mouse Firehouse" as a 3-D installation for the Children's Hospital Boston, and when I told him he got very jazzed about it and started saying, "Oh, it should have a firefighter cooking! And washing the trucks - it could have a hose that squirts!" I get such a kick out of him when he gets excited about one of my projects like that. He was a great artist, even won a Silver Key in the Globe Scholastic Art Contest when he was a kid. I am going to do a proposal of the Mouse Firehouse for installation at the Peabody CHB facility. And I am going to ask Guy to help me with it. It turns out that Peabody has a long and distinguished firefighting history, and even has a firefighting museum and a book published about it. So this is the time! I taught a ceramics class the other day for one of the Arsenal Center teachers who was out. I made this little fella in an oversized firefighter coat and boots. I am going to glaze and fire him as a sample to submit with my proposal. Wish me luck!

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